We are experts in the application of different types of finishes. Our painting lines are formed in multi-booths, fully automated, and equipped with ten six-axis robots, which allows us to quickly process a large number of parts per hour, including parts with a complicated geometry; having, in addition, a total control of the thicknesses and of great precision in the finishes. This is achieved with work that is 100% free of human labor, which allows the highest quality in the pieces.

Within the painting process, one of our main competitive advantages is in the preparation and cleaning of the pieces, which is carried out in four phases:

  1. Manual Cleaning
  2. Mechanical Aspiration
  3. Ionized air cleaning treatment
  4. Plasma treatment

After our cleaning process, the pieces go to the painting booths, where we can apply up to three coatings without leaving the line, through the “wet and wet” process.

The technology, digitization and experience available in our painting systems allow us to have absolute control over the different factors of the process, and to achieve an exceptional finish with superb control in factors such as fluids, mixtures, temperature, and humidity. Because of this degree of control, waste of material is avoided, achieving finished pieces from the very first pass and, most importantly, the quality of the product is ensured with the highest yield in the market.

The highest yield in the market

Our staff is distinguished by their talent and experience. The title of “Paint Master” is not something that is acquired overnight, and it is a long road of providing quality solutions for our customers, such as our company being recognized by the Ford Motor Co. as a partner, who uses our processes and technology within their standard systems, also created by us.


Always at the forefront and in search of new trends, we have the ability to apply extremely complex paints that customers want, such as those that are high gloss or piano black, soft touch, silk gloss, liquid chrome, nextel suede, as well as metallic finishes, to name a few.

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