In DISPLAY PRODUCTS, seventy-five years are said to be easy, but they would not be possible without the human resources that characterizes us as a company, it is a fundamental factor, where individual values ​​and teamwork make the essential formula for achieving the objectives of the company and the success of our clients’ projects.

We are always seeking to create a unique customer experience, that stands out from the competition and achieved by our commitment. This commitment in term creates a voluntary way to get your assignments done right.

We have a valuable team of highly motivated people, trained and committed to the proper functioning of each of our production processes, as well as in administration. We currently have a staff that is 200 workers strong.

At Display Products we offer a wide range of capabilities and services that best meet the needs of your particular project. For more information, reach out to us about the particulars of your project.  Contact us, we are ready to serve you!


workers at our headquarters, trained and committed to each of our processes


Join us, and grow with Display Products! We are a very active company within our community, and being part of a community is the best way to stay inspired and motivated. In a strong community, there are always one or more individuals who can and will achieve amazing things, which can motivate you to work harder and achieve even bigger goals.

We believe in addressing social and sustainability problems and ensuring that their environment is increasingly better, with programs with universities aimed especially at students whose objective is to develop the personal skills necessary for the performance of any occupation, and thus improve their expectations.

Success with academic institutions has made us a hotbed of talents, strengthening our commitment to be proactive, and we believe in Mexico, in its people, and what can be achieved.

Achieve your professional goals with us.

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