Every good part begins with a good mold, and in our plastic injection lines, we are in constant search of the right way, managing to meet and exceed world standards. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with the capacity for applications of one or several simultaneous casts achieved by a 4T digital system, we offer flexibility in allowing control and adjustments in line, to achieve and obtain parts that are free of imperfections. We are ready to undertake the challenge of our clients ever changing needs.

Our mold capacities start at 50 tons. up to 110 ton. However, we have expansion capacities that can reach up to 550 tons. Our production line is capable of solving any need from prototypes, redesign or production, counting on the experience and 100% satisfaction of our clients, with the peace of mind of producing millions of parts per year, covering any application for commercial or industrial parts.

Our facilities can expand their capacity beyond

550 ton

adapting to the requirements of your project.

Our quality department carefully inspects and evaluates each mold to guarantee its perfect operation, carrying out adequate maintenance and having the authority to repair it “in-house”, ensuring its integrity throughout the project.

Technology is as important as its operating personnel, and for its correct operation there are personnel certified as “Mold Master” by the RJG institute, one of the most recognized worldwide, for the maintenance and calibration of the molds in plastic injection equipment. . We understand that the mold is the capsule that leads ideas to materialize, when we say it is in good hands, your project is truly in good hands.

Come to us, we will advise you to solve your particular needs the particular needs of your project

At Thierica Display we offer a wide range of our mold injection system with capabilities and services that best meet the needs of your project. We can, and will make your mold meet not only your expectations, but also meet ours. For more information, come to us about the particular needs of your project, contact us, we are ready to serve you!

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